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Dean to my Castiel

What’s your Game of Thrones name? 






For ladies and gents.

Mine is Alayne Blackfyre. Awww yisss.

Loreza Buckwell

Alerie Ryswell

Aelinor Dayne

Aegon Flowers

Carolei Allyrion 

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    Noble: Daena Dimittis Not so noble: Daena Flowers Targaryen King: Daeron I Targaryen Dothraki Warrior: Drogo son of...
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    Noble: Belandra Ambrose Not so noble: Belandra Pyke
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    Noble: Carolei Blanetree Not so Noble: Carolei Flowers
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    Alysanne Allyrion
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    Belandra Blacktyde
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    Cassana Santagar. Ugly as fuck, but hey! At least I’m from Dorne. I’m not a huge fan (I’m a northerner, the Starks are...
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    Alerie Ryswell!!! (or Alerie Waters)
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    Noble: Aelinor Allyrion Minisa Stone
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    Noble: Aelinor Belmore Aelinor Rivers
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    Apparently my Game of Thrones name is Carolei Rivers Which really isn’t too bad… I need a stage name anyway, right?
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    Mine is Arianne Greyiron (House Greyiron of Orkmont is an extinct house of the Iron Islands. The Greyirons were the High...
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    Marissa Mertyns
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    Aelinor Blackmont - or Aelinor Stone… I’m from the Vale! U___U
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    Aliser Weaver. An ironman family I had forgotten as soon as it was introduced (ONE character in the books ;_;).
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    Emma Martell
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    Bethany Butterwell - which sounds more like someone you would see in ‘Hot Babysitters 14’, then on Game Of Thrones tbh.
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    Betharios Flowers Yeah~ I’m a bastard too, just like Jon
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    Not so noble: Maege Waters (Noble = Margaery Lannister)
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    Sereni Stone. Am I the only one here who’s not so noble and serves at the Wall despite being a bamf woman?
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    Marsella Sunderland
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    Noble: Genna Grandison Genna Sand (lol, my real last name actually has something to do with ‘of the earth’)
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    Noble: Alerie Tendyris Alerie Waters
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    Amory Baratheon
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    Belandra Sand
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    Noble: Alyssa Dondarrion Not so Noble: Alyssa Waters
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    Brienne Waters
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    Alerie Waters
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    Corenna Crakehall… Sort of sounds like… Crackwhore
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    Minisa Snow WAT